Friday, 12 September 2014

I won the Fab Bag Giveaway!

Happiness knows no bounds. The day started on a not-so-good note as I was a bit upset. I reached office and as my daily ritual, I checked for new posts on my favourite blogs. I saw a preview of a post on Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog regarding the announcement of the winners of Fab Bag giveaway. I was not much excited as I know I would not win but then... I opened the post and saw my name... hurray!!!

I have been a silent follower of blogs for about two three months and following them brought out the blogger in me. IMBB  played the biggest role. Thank you so much guys. I started my blog on August 27, 2014. My participation in IMBB giveaway was my first ever participation and I also became a winner. What more could I ask for.

Thank you IMBB and Fab Bag for having me as the winner. I am curiously waiting for my Fab Bag.

Here is the post- Winners of Fab Bag giveaway!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Quick Fix-Oily Hair

I love my hair! I know most of you do. But then there are days when you cannot help hating your hair, most of which are when your hair becomes greasy at the roots (Blame the weather, the pollution, the junk food that we eat.) I have a round face which becomes fairly prominent if my hair become greasy. And I feel like hiding under the bed, not showing my face to anyone. That is the only moment I start hating my hair and so wish they had not been so oily.
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But as they say, every problem has a solution. For all the oily hair beauties like me, here is a quick fix for super oily hair. 

Comb your hair and tie them in a pony tail. Take a small amount of any baby powder in your hands and rub it between your palms. Putting the powder directly on your hair might leave white patches. Avoid using the baby powder with fragrance.
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After rubbing the powder between your hands, rub it on the part of your hair that is greasy. Making a pony tails makes it much easier as you have better access tot he crown area, which is where your hair are the most greasy. Rub the crown well so that the powder settles down. Make sure not to touch the scalp as it might cause itching/irritation. After you have applied the powder, take your hairbrush/comb and comb the hair well. 

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By now, the powder must have settled and soaked all the oil from your hair. If you still see white patches, rub it with your hands again. And voila, you are done. The trick generally lasts 4-5 hours, depending on the amount of oil your scalp produces.

And now, bad hair days will not be that bad. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Refund from Myntra!

Hi lovelies!

In my last post, I shared my shopping haul from various online websites. In this post, I will be sharing my experience regarding the refund from Myntra.

I had placed my order on September 04, 2014, and got all the products delivered by September 08, 2014. The delivery was really quick, hats off to the team!

I had ordered mainly dresses but three of them did not fit me (I am so sad !) I decided to return the items and purchase something else in return. I placed a return request on September 08, 2014 at 07:00 p.m. I got the refund number for each item that I had to return. I also received SMS and E-mail regarding the same. I filled up the return form and kept the items ready along with their original tags.

The items were picked up from my place around 12 noon and I got cash back within 2 hours. I am really impressed with the services provided by Myntra and have already made my next order with the cashback. 

Meanwhile, I got a call and E-mail from Jabong stating that one of the neckpieces that I ordered cannot be delivered as it did not meet their quality check. I was really happy with their effort. I got a call from Jabong Team regarding what I would like to be done in the same, I asked for the money to be credited to my Jabong account. It will be done in 24 hours. Really great effort on the part of Jabong.

Online shopping is so much fun, no hassles, sheer pleasure. Sit, relax, have a cup of coffee, a laptop, your wishlist, and just CLICK! Happy Shopping! Have a lovely day ahead!

P.S. I am not related to Myntra or Jabong in any way. the opinions expressed are solely of my own.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Hauls from Amazon, Jabong and Myntra!

Hello all the lovely people reading the blog!

Hope you all are enjoying the rains in Delhi as much as I am. They are surely a relief from the scorching heat (My skin and hair say Thank you!)

So yesterday we celebrated my parents' 25th wedding anniversary. It feels so good to witness true love in today's date, where love has actually lost its purpose and its meaning. So we all went out for a dinner and then a round at India Gate. It was real fun in the beautiful weather.

So coming back to the topic, I did a major haul from Myntra, Amazon India and Jabong. I ordered dresses, cosmetics and some statement necklaces.

Here are the things that I have ordered-


Vero Moda Yellow Fit & Flare Dress
Vero Moda Yellow Fit & Flare Dress

Roadster Women Blue Denim Playsuit

Roadster Women Blue Denim Playsuit

Fabindia Women Navy Spaghetti Top

Fabindia Women Navy Spaghetti Top

Harpa Orange Fit and Flare Dress

Harpa Orange Fit and Flare Dress

Oxolloxo White Printed Fit & Flare Dress

Oxolloxo White Printed Fit & Flare Dress

Bella Rosa Multicoloured Printed Fit & Flare Dress

Bella Rosa Multicoloured Printed Fit & Flare Dress

DressBerry Black Shrug

DressBerry Black Shurg



Pipa Bella Golden Necklace

Voylla Multi neclace

TONIQ Acrylic Multi/Golden Necklace-
Scrunchh Multi Necklace-

Hope you guys enjoyed the post and liked my haul. I am curiously waiting to receive the orders. How was your experience with online shopping?

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

3 months to go!

It was like waiting for this day forever, and now, it is just 3 months away... Yes, my D-Day is only 3 months away. I am already too nervous, so many thoughts crowding my head. One thought leads to another and then I have to divert myself to not think about things and save myself from the tension. It is really difficult to keep calm!

Being a bride-to-be brings forward so many emotions, like all my fellow brides, I am going through the same. Whenever I think about the wedding, the first thought that comes to my mind is the idea of having all attention on you. I have always been a shy girl, finding it a bit difficult to gel up with people, and the fact that hundreds of eyes will be on you, witnessing every single movement of yours is a bit scary. I wish I could just run towards the stage rather than walking slowly, or probably I could just enter from behind the stage, no need to cross the passage. Coming back to reality, I have no option, I will have to walk the stage and face that thing I dread the most. But then, the thought of Mr. R standing on the stage would be enough to give me courage to cross the hurdle. there is no happiness in the world to be be person who brings out the best in you, does his best to keep you smiling, fulfilling all your wishes, and treating you like a queen. That love is way beyond the fear of crossing those hundred eyes.

Here is the first update of my weeding, things done and left to do-

1. VENUE- The venue has been booked. The caterer and decorator has to be chosen from the panel. 
2. WEDDING LEHENGA- Booked, will be delivered in November
3. HONEYMOON-Waiting for passport and then the booking will be made.
4. GUEST LIST-  The list keeps changing everyday, with additions and deletions, which relatives to be called in which function.
5.  TROUSSEAU- The suits and sarees are done, left with 3 party wear suits. Done with footwear, lingerie and hand bags. Have to start hunting for the wedding shoes and clutches. The suits and blouses are yet to be given for stitching. I absolutely hate giving measurements, then checking and rechecking the fittings.. Aarrgghhh...
6. PRE-BRIDAL/BRIDAL- The makeup artist has been booked, she will take care of both.
7.  INVITATION CARDSYet to start!
8.  JEWELRY- We will be going to check gold jewelry this weekend. I won't buy any heavy stuff, just light ones that won't make me look overdressed or "obvious newly-wed." The artificial jewelry has been done.
9. CHOODA/KALEERE- I got my wedding chooda and kaleere on my visit to Chandigarh last month. I am so in love with my chooda, can't wait to wear it.
10. SAVE THE DATE- Save the date cards have been sent to friends.

PENDING STUFF- Will buy winterwear, dresses, beachwear, cosmetics by end of  October/ beginning of November. Have to finalize the mehendi artist this month itself. The engagement rings will be finalized by October. The wedding photographer will be finalized this month.

Quite a few tasks are done, and many still left, but then, most of it is the family's responsibility and time for me to chill!