Monday, 31 August 2015

First Rakshabandhan as Mrs. Jain!!!

Hello lovely readers,

I am sure all of you had a great Rakshabandhan. Most of us are still not over the festival. I was too lazy to get up for office, had to push myself real hard (same pinch to other lazy people like me :p).

This Rakshabandhan was really special for me, well, it had to be, for it was my first Rakshabandhan as Mrs. Jain!!! My husband's cousins came over to our place in the afternoon. Me and my husband were made to sit together. The sisters tied rakhi to my husband and also to me. At my place, we did not have the tradition of tying rakhi to the bhabhi. It felt really good.

After that, we left for my home. My family was eagerly waiting to see me. On the way, I got a call from my mummy that my papa's chachiji wanted to see me. Due to health reasons, she could not attend our wedding and hence, she was quite eager to see me. When me and my husband reached her place, my father was already there. She was so happy to see me after my wedding, along with my husband. After spending some time with her, we proceeded towards my home. So eager was my mother to see us.

After settling down, I tied rakhi to my brother with all the rituals. My husband's rakhi sister could not tie rakhi to my husband as she had a flight to catch. And co-incidentally my maamaji (mother's brother) could not make it to our place for some reason. So my mother tied rakhi to my husband. She became really senti as she said, "mera bhai nahi aa paya, to aisi situation ban gayi ki maine R****** ko raakhi baand di." I felt really good seeing this as this brought a smile on my mother's face who was obviously sad as my maamaji could not come.

And so, the festival went off really well. And yes, husband and my cousin gave compliments for my suit. Unfortunately, I forgot to click a picture. It was only when we were coming back home that me and husband realized that we forgot to click pictures :(

I will try to update this post with my picture wearing the suit that I wore for rakhi the next time I wear it.

I know this post is too much of details but I could not stop myself from writing all of it as these small things mean a lot to me.

Thanks for stopping by!

Loads of love,
Mrs. Jain

Thursday, 20 August 2015

8 months into marriage and a sneak peak!!!

Hello all,

It has been long since I posted something here. I can't even believe it has been 8 months since I have been marriage. Now I can very well relate to the experiences of my fellow bloggers +Shikha S and +Roli Gaur Vashisht. Time just flew, and how beautifully.

Looking back at these months, the journey has been beautiful. Marriage has given us so many happy moments, moments that will always remain in our hearts, as fresh as ever. We laughed together, smiles together, cried, and whatnot. Marriage is definitely a roller-coaster ride.

Will try my best to post regularly. At least that is what I hope.

Loads of love,

Mrs. A