Friday, 17 October 2014

How to use CTM the right way!

All of you must know by know that CTM is the most important skincare routine. After you load your skin with makeup for a good 8-12 hours, CTM helps your skin rejuvenate and breathe. You all know how important it is to clean your face twice a day, but do you know that using CTM in a wrong way can be a disaster? Read on to know the right way.

CTM stands for Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer. So the first step is Cleansing. There is no right or wrong way for using a cleanser. So let's move on to Toner.

How horrible do open pores look. Those big puddles  that anyone could fall into (Okay, I am exaggerating it here :p). All oily skinned beauties will agree with me that we all love Toner as it really helps in reducing the pore size. But using it wrongly could be a disaster. Here's how to do it right. After you have cleaned your face, take your toner on a cotton pad. You should not saturate the cotton with toner, it should be that the cotton should be wet. Now comes the trick, instead of wiping your face with the cotton, you just have to "PAT" the cotton on your face. You heard it right, wiping your face with cotton will stretch your skin and make your pores even larger. How many of you knew this?

Coming back to the next and the last step which is the Moisturizer, NEVER rub your moisturizer between your hands and then apply on face. The lines on your palm absorb all the moisturizer and there would not be any product left for the face. The correct way is to take the product on your hand and then make dots on your face. Thereafter, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BLEND THE MOISTURIZER. I am really stressing on the fact because moisturizer has to be lightly rubbed in and not blended in. With your fingers, just spread the moisturizer lightly, applying little or no pressure. The pictures below will make it clear-


So the next time you go for your CTM routine, just remember the right way. Hope this article helped. See you all soon.


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