Monday, 24 November 2014

8 days to go!!!!

It just seems like yesterday that I had my roka and now, the day is 8 days away, just 8 days away. The preparations are in full swings, my maternal grandparents arrived yesterday, and now I get the feel of a "Shaadi wala ghar." It is so true that the arrival of relatives really turns the house into a "shaadi wala house."

The wedding functions start on 30th November, the first function being the engagement. The mehendi is on 1st December and the wedding is on 2nd December.

Will share the updates as soon as I am back. See you guys soon. Till then, keep smiling, stay happy, and enjoy the winters.

Lots of love.


  1. wow.. a week to go.. My cousin is getting married on 30 on this month. Waiting for lots of updates. Hope everything is done by now. Just relax, pamper your self and spend time with your family. These are gonna be best and most memorable days.
    Take care and be happy

    1. Will share the updates once I am back after the "long leave." Lol. Everything is falling in place ultimately, rest will be done by weekend.
      Thank you for the words Shikha, I am sure you would agree that at this time, these words really help to calm down the bride :p

    2. For sure, a bride-to-be need constant reassurance that everything is gonna be beautiful. live the moment. Don't let small fall outs bother you, you are going to laugh at those thinks few years later. :)
      Enjoy your break

    3. will definitely keep these things in mind :)