Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A bed of roses???

Don't go by the title, I don't wish to write any cheezy thing here (Sorry to those who expected something else, but got something different :p)
Wedding or rather an upcoming wedding is a big happiness. Everything seems to be so good, there's love all around, smiling faces around you. But I ask, is it all happiness everytime? Does the reality take us somewhere else? Read on to know...
No one wants sad days in his/her life no one wants anything bad happening with himself/herself, but how far can we actually control things?  How much control can we actually exercise on our lives? The answer is WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL. But that's purely my opinion. A few of you might feel that they have been controlling their lives forever, that they dictate each and every action of their lives. We all have different perception about our life. I feel helpless at times, not being able to control a few things, not being able to stop something from happening.
No wonder the courtship period is the best phase that a couple sees, but is it always as beautiful as expected?  Is it all about love, happiness and smiles? NO. It brings a lot more with it. It has tears, tensions, anger, frustration and whatnot. You tend to behave in a certain way but something else happens. You want to smile but you end up crying. You plan something but the exact opposite happens. Is it with everyone else or just that I am the only victim?
Yes this is my courtship period, the beautiful time that I am getting to spend with Mr. R before our wedding. We obviously want to have happy memories of the same and we do. But at times, we end up arguing on silly things, frustrated for no reason, ultimately fighting with each other. It feels bad, like really really bad. I know it's not good to act that ways but as I said, some things are just beyond our level. We have little or no control over things. Neither of us wants our day to end on a sad note, but then it just happens.
I discussed with other brides-to-be of they experience the same things (I am a part of a WhatsApp group where we are three brides-to-be, all getting married this winters,  exciting no?). They all had same experiences as me (Ah, what a relief!) Even they got irritated without a reason, fought on silly things, ended up sleeping with an angry face. It that how it was supposed to be?
Having said that, we also share some beautiful "we" moments, sharing funny moments, days at office, our future, getting to know each other more each day, strengthening the relationship with each passing day, falling in love everyday, all over again. Perhaps it is rightly said, wedding brings hell lot of emotions, transformations, jitters, etc. So far, I am loving this journey, waiting to see what more it has to offer.
How was your courtship period?  How well did it work for your relationship?  I would love to hear from you. 

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