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How I got my passport!

The thought of getting my passport made always gave me nightmares. I had heard various stories of people who could not get their passport on time, or faced some or the other problems during the entire process. After much delay, I finally had to get the passport made as me and Mr. R have to make bookings for our honeymoon.

We contacted a common friend (Mrs. A) to take an appointment for me and Mr. R. Mr. R had to get his passport renewed. Mrs. A filled the application online on July 29, 2014, and the appointment date was August 28, 2014. The Passport Sewa Kendra(PSK) was Herald House - ITO.

Passport Application
Government of India, Ministry of External Affairs
Online Application Receipt
ATM facility available at PSK
 for all Bank Cards
Applicant Details:
Application Reference No.
Sequence No.
Reporting Time
03:00 PM
Service Type
Type of Application
Application Submitted Date
Date of Birth
Employment Type
Marital Status
Place of Birth
Given Name
Father's Name
Mother's Name
Present Address
Applicants References:
First Reference Details
Second Reference Details

Payment Details:#
Total Fee (Rs.)
Paid Fee (Rs.)
Date and Time
29/07/2014 04:49 PM
Transaction Id

Appointment Details:
PSK Location
Herald House - ITO,
Date and Time of Appointment
28/08/2014 & 03:15 PM
Appointment Id
Reporting Time
03:00 PM

  • Applicant should reach the Passport Seva Kendra by the reporting time mentioned above for pre-checking of documents to avoid any hassles in issuance of token.
  • Applicant should bring all the originals and one set of photo copy, photo copies should be self attested by the applicant.
  • One accompanying person from the family will be allowed along with Senior Citizens, Physically Challenged, Illiterate and Minor applicants only.
  • Applicant will not be issued token at Passport Seva Kendra, if they report after scheduled appointment time.
  • Minor applicants below 4 years of age need to carry a recent coloured passport size (4.5 x 3.5 cm) photograph with a white background while visiting Passport Seva Kendra. Other applicants need not carry any photograph as photograph will be captured at the Passport Seva Kendra.
  • Carrying of corrosive substances or explosives, arms or any sharp objects which may cause physical harm or violence are prohibited inside the PSK. Electronic item such as camera is prohibited inside the PSK.
  • Balance fee (if applicable) after editing the submitted form will be payable in cash at the Passport Seva Kendra.
# Details as per the Payment Date. Payment once made for availing passport services will not be refunded.

On the scheduled date,  we reached 30 minutes before time (It was raining heavily on that day, Both me and Mr. R got drenched and fell sick later.) I took my birth certificate, Aadhar card, Voter ID card and the bank statements for the last 1 year. The guard had already announced our batch number. We showed him the application and he let us in. We sat in the waiting area till our batch number was announced.

After our batch number was announced, we moved towards the token area. There were 4-5 counters and there was a separate counter for On-hold applicants. We got in line and after giving all the xeroxes to the person at the counter, the person handed us a file which had our token number and all the essential details. We showed the file the guard who scanned the barcode on the file.  The image below shows the procedure at the Passport Sewa Kendra.

                                                                 Image Source-Google

We moved to towards Section A  where there were various counters. There was a small waiting area and a screen that displayed the token number along with the counter number that we had to go to. My turn came really quick. I moved towards my counter. The representative asked me to sit. After that, she asked for my file and asked me to move back so that she could click my picture (The picture came out really bad, but I guess it happens with everyone.) She asked for the originals and the xeroxes. I showed her all the documents, She then asked for my 10th certificate which I did not have (Guys, DO NOT, I say, DO NOT forget to take your 10th passing certificate. I had to visit PSK on the following day and repeat the entire procedure because I did not know that I had to take the 10th passing certificate. It is essential for the NECR stamp.)  I requested her to take my bio-metrics and if I could submit the 10th certificate some other day. She agreed. She scanned all the original and xeroxes and handed me my file. She then asked me to move towards Section B.

Sections B and C were on the 1st floor. There was a waiting area and 2 screens that displayed the token and counter number. There were approximately 80 people int hat area, it was really crowded (Even the AC was not working properly, it was a torture.) My turn came almost after 50 minutes. This sections has the longest waiting time. After I saw the token and counter number on the screen, I moved towards the counter. The representative took my file and asked for the 10th certificate. I told him I had not got it with me and requested if I could get it tomorrow. He was really strict and did  not listen to any of my requests. I had to leave on that day. I submitted the file at the exit counter who gave me a receipt. My file was on-hold and I could get back on any working day between 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., without taking appointment.

On the next day, I reached the PSK at around 10.25 a.m. I went to the "On-Hold" counter and showed my file. The receipt that I had got the previous day was taken and I was asked to wait in the waiting area. I waited for around 30 minutes till my name was announced. The representative had my file with him, he asked me to give the document because of which the file was on hold. I gave him the xerox and he asked me to wait. My name was called after another 10 minutes. I was given my file and a new token number. I got the file scanned and moved towards Section A. My name flashed on the screen and I moved towards my counter. My file was checked, the original and xerox of my 10th certificate was scanned and uploaded. The file was returned and I was sent to Section B.

Again, I had to wait for around 40 minutes before my turn came. I saw my token number and counter number on the screen and moved there. The representative verified all my documents with the details on the passport. After he was satisfied, he signed a paper inside the file and asked me to move towards Section C.

Within 10 minutes, my token number was flashed on the screen and I moved towards my counter. The representative verified   the documents again.  After she was satisfied, she signed a paper inside the file and gave me a smile. I understood I cleared the test :p

I submitted my file at the exit and got a receipt which had my details and the file number to track the passport.

I tracked my passport after 2 days and it stated that my file has been sent to the respective police station for enquiry. I got an E-mail with details of the police station that was aligned to me. After 2 days, I got a call from the police officer asking me if he could come for the enquiry. I was in office at that time and hence requested him to come aound 6 p.m. He agreed and made me note down the documents that I had to get ready before he came. Those documents were-

  • My Aadhar card
  • My Voter ID card
  • My 10th passing certificate
  • Father's Voter ID card/Passport
  • Mother's Voter ID card/Passport
  • Electricity bill
  • ID proofs of 2 witnesses
I left early that day as I did not want any delay in the enquiry. I reached home and got all the documents. I called the officer around 6.15 p.m. telling him that i have all the documents ready and that he can come for the enquiry. He did not seem to recognize my voice and put down the phone. I kept waiting for him for one hour until Mr. R asked me to call the officer. I called the officer, and the conversation went like-

He: Madam aapki enquiry to ab kal hi hogi. Ab to late ho gaya hai.
Me: But Sir, main aaj jaldi aayi hu kyuki aapne kaha tha aap aane wale hain.
He: Madam ab main kal aunga. Aap subah kitne baje office jaati hain?
Me: 9 baje.
He: Theek hai madam main 8.30 aa jaunga. Aap ek bar subah phone kar dijiega.
Me: Sir please kal time pe aa jaiyega.
He: Theek hai madam.

I was really pissed that time as I had used the facility of "Early Leave" without any reason. But then the work was important so I calmed myself.

Next morning, I called the officer at 8 a.m., he said he will be there at 8.30. He reached my place at 8.40 a.m. He verified all the documents, the witnesses were called and were made to sign the verification form. They got xeroxes of their ID proofs which they self attested. The process took around 20 minutes after which he left.

After 2 days, I tracked my passport and it stated that the police officer has submitted his report to the SP for review. After 4 days, I tracked the passport again and it stated that my passport has gone for printing, lamination and then it will be dispatched.

After 2 days, I tracked my passport and it stated that the passport has been printed and that I would receive an sms/e-mail once the passport is dispatched.

After 3 days,  I tracked my passport and it stated that the passport has been Passport ******** has been dispatched on 11/09/2014 via Speed Post Tracking Number ******.

The next day I got a call asking me whether the investigating officer made any unreasonable demand. I said no, nothing like that happened. It was a great effort to keep a check on corruption.

I received the passport on September 12, 2014. Holding it felt so amazing. It was a task in itself.

I had the appointment August 28, 2014, and I have got my passport on September 13, 2014, within 20 days. I am really happy with my experience at PSK.

Those of you who had been postponing getting your passport made, get up, take an appointment and smell the new pages of a fresh passport. Good luck!

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