Friday, 12 September 2014

I won the Fab Bag Giveaway!

Happiness knows no bounds. The day started on a not-so-good note as I was a bit upset. I reached office and as my daily ritual, I checked for new posts on my favourite blogs. I saw a preview of a post on Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog regarding the announcement of the winners of Fab Bag giveaway. I was not much excited as I know I would not win but then... I opened the post and saw my name... hurray!!!

I have been a silent follower of blogs for about two three months and following them brought out the blogger in me. IMBB  played the biggest role. Thank you so much guys. I started my blog on August 27, 2014. My participation in IMBB giveaway was my first ever participation and I also became a winner. What more could I ask for.

Thank you IMBB and Fab Bag for having me as the winner. I am curiously waiting for my Fab Bag.

Here is the post- Winners of Fab Bag giveaway!