Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Some random wedding pictures

I have been surfing the net for some wedding inspiration pictures. These are the random wedding  pictures that I really liked. Hope you like them too.

Waiting for the moment


I love this shot

Jutey le lo, paise de do

Can you see the happiness in her eyes?

Here she comes

I absolutely LOVE the effect!

Taking blessings from Almighty

Can you see my smile?

Love finally found its way!

Beautifully captured, just highlighting the flame

The first dance

It reminds me of the song "Mathe te chamkam waal mere bande de"

Let's make her prettier

Here I come

Showering blessings and love


The shy bride

The spark in her eyes says it all

The unconventional bride

Together, forever

An emotional moment

See how she ends it with a smile

Welcome into a new life

*All the images have been taken from Google.


  1. lovely post :)

  2. Amazing photography.. I could say it as mood-setting photography! Superb...

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